Armenian Apostolic Church of Whitinsville



Guidelines for Baptisms

1. All baptisms must be performed according to the canons of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

2. Secure a date for the baptism by calling the church office (508-234-3677). Be aware that baptismal ceremonies can be performed any day of the week during the entire calendar year.

3. The church secretary will forward a questionnaire which should be promptly completed and returned to the church office. Please ensure that all information, including the spelling of names, is correct. Please specify if the child will be given an Armenian name.

4. The Godfather of the child to be baptized should preferably be a member of the Armenian Apostolic Church. If a suitable Godfather is not available, consult with the officiating clergy about a substitute. The Parish Priest can then instruct the Godfather concerning the sacraments prior to baptism.

5. The Godmother will tend to the child during the Order of Baptism, holding the child before the Godfather has taken the child, undressing or dressing the child at times prescribed, and in general attending to the child during the performance of the sacraments.

6. All fees and honorariums should be paid according to the Schedule of Church Fees and Customary Donations in the Board of Trustees Handbook available in the church office. If you have invited another clergyman, the same fees and honorariums apply to him.

7. Items Needed:

Infant baptism:

  • One or two large white towels
  • A WHITE outfit to be worn after the baptism;
  • A chain and cross for the newly-baptized child.

Adult baptism:

  • Prior instruction by the officiating clergy, describing baptism and confirmation;
  • One or two white towels;
  • A chain and cross for the newly-baptized.

8. Photographs may be taken at any time during the ceremony. The photographer should avoid blinding the eyes of the priest, deacon or any member of the baptismal party. The photographer may not, at any time, ascend the steps of the altar or be on the altar.

Tradition states that the baby not be kissed until after the baby is bathed three days after the baptism. Because holy muron (holy chrism) has been used to anoint the child, bathe the baby and empty the bath water into the soil rather than a waste-water system.

Please download the Church Baptism Fee form.