Armenian Apostolic Church of Whitinsville



The explanation of the Wedding Service

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The Sacrament

Holy Matrimony is a Sacrament of the Armenian Church, in which a man and a woman solemnly vow before Christ, the priest and the congregation to be true to each other for life. Their union is blessed by Christ through the Church. The marriage ceremony of the Armenian Church is replete with symbolism.

The Exchange of Vows

The bride and groom solemnly pronounce their “Yes” and pledge to be loyal to each other throughout their life.

The Blessing of the Rings

Rings, after being blessed by the priest, are exchanged between the bride and the groom, giving expression of the fact that the spouses in marriage will be constantly complimenting each other. Each will be enriched by the union.

The Rite of Crowning

The rite of crowning is the climax of the wedding service. The crowns are the sign of the glory and honor with which God crowns the bride and the groom during the Sacrament. They are crowned as the king and queen of their own little kingdom, the home, which they will rule with wisdom, justice, and integrity. The crown is a symbol of sacrifice as well. By wearing the crowns, the couple pledge to be ready to sacrifice in life for the benefit of their unity.

The Blessing of the Common Cup

Wine, in the Bible, is a symbol of happiness. The church, by presenting the blessed wine to the couple, wishes that their life be full of happiness. The drinking of wine from the common cup serves to impress upon the couple that from that moment on they will share everything in life, joys as well as sorrows. The source of their life will be one and the same.