Armenian Apostolic Church of Whitinsville


The mission of the Soorp Asdvadzadzin Church Choir is to sing the hymns and sharagans of the Badarak (Divine Liturgy) and by doing so bring praise and glory to God.

The late and much beloved Very Rev. Fr. Oshagan Minassian was the first instructor to teach the choir the spiritual hymns of our Holy Mass in 1958 at our church. The current choir members of our church are Nancy Moscofian, Ann Samkiranian, John Berberian, Daniel & Marina Merian and Karen Misakian. If you enjoy singing, or are interested in learning the magnificent liturgical music of the Armenian Church, please contact Der Mikale. Men, women and children are always welcome to join at any time of the year. Rehearsals are scheduled intermittently throughout the year prior to special occasions and church holidays. When our schedule permits the choir often enjoys Christian fellowship with one another after rehearsals.
We encourage all parishioners to sing along with the choir to the praises of our Lord during Sunday Badarak service in order to fully participate and feel the presence of God.